About Iuka

Welcome to the City of Iuka Housing Authority. Iuka is located near
the borders of Tennessee and Alabama as the City of Iuka lies in the
extreme northeast corner of the state in Tishomingo County. Both
Iuka and Tishomingo County are rich in heritage, nature, recreation,
and of course history.

Iuka was named after a Chickasaw Indian Chief who camped near
the Mineral Springs Park to partake of the medicinal waters. In
the late 1870’s many came to Iuka’s springs to seek refuge since
yellow fever had taken such heavy tolls everywhere. The town
began to grow as resort hotels were built to accommodate the
increasing population.

In 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Iuka won national acclaim
for their mineral springs water. Iuka was awarded a Gold Medal
and diploma for having the purest and best mineral water.